The name says it all, this is the rebel of the housing market.

The Rebel House

Rebel House

The Rebel house is designed by Witte Haai as a one of a kind Tiny House.

Constructed of cross laminated timber (CLT), none of the constructed Rebel Houses is the same. Whether in shape, color, height or finishes we make sure each Rebel House encompasses a different design. The Rebel House was first featured at the Horticultural Exhibition Floriade 2022 in the Netherlands. Are you looking for the house of the future? Look no further. The Rebel House is here for you!

The Rebel House a family of rebels

A family of Rebels

We advise our customers to group Rebel Houses into families. As these futuristic houses look best in a pack!

The height of the Rebels gives a unique advantage over traditional, ground-based homes. As the space underneath the Tiny Houses can be used for other purposes such as parking or gardening, with storage space or electric car charging poles within the legs. The legs of the Rebels can vary in length, to create a playful feeling between the Rebel family!

The Rebel House Custom design
The Rebel House front windows
The Rebel House kitchen
The Rebel House living area
The Rebel House skylight

Custom design

As all Rebel Houses are different, they also differ in size.

The first model we displayed at the Floriade Expo has a living area of 19m2. This version includes a bathroom and kitchen, and a custom made fold-out like bed. This can of course be enlarged into a larger, en-suite Tiny House with a separate bedroom. Externally the Rebel House can be designed in various shapes, coated with tiles or wood. All while using sustainable materials.

The unique front of the Rebel House can be used as extra bed or seating area.

Positioned high above the ground the Rebel House lets nature freely develop underneath.

Optional balcony available in different sizes, and with different materials .

Rebel House Rebel House

Sliding doors offer efficient use of space, and access to the bathroom and adjacent bedroom.

The larger version features an ensuite bedroom with built-in closets.

Inside the 'legs' of the Rebel House, there are large storage spaces.

Rebel House Rebel House

Change interior color


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