A uniquely shaped tiny house that provides a whole new holiday experience.

Diamond Suite

The Diamond Suite is designed as an aesthetically unique holiday home that attracts a lot of attention with its shape.

This Tiny House provides an attractive effect on the outside and an extra spacious experience inside. The Diamond Suite is a wood-built tiny house that consists of bio-based materials wherever possible. The modular construction offers numerous design options that we will discuss with you. Would you like to design the perfect (holiday) home for your target group? Schedule an appointment with us!

Our Method fast placement of the Diamond Suite

Our Method

High quality and sustainable timber construction characterize this Tiny House.

After the design phase, we will start building your sustainable holiday homes. The Diamond Suite is a wood construction accommodation that will be built CO2 positive, which means there is more CO2 captured during production than there is released. We will build the entire accommodation in our production hall within 8 weeks. We only use high quality bio-based materials. We transport the Diamond Suite in its entirety to your location and install it in the blink of an eye. Ready for use!

Your Inspiration The Diamond Suite spacious interior

Your inspiration

We offer unlimited design possibilities. Thanks to its modular construction, the Diamond Suite can be designed in several configurations.

Below you will find examples of existing designs and options. Do these versions not match your target group? Let us know and work with our team to design the Diamond Suite that best suits your location and customers.

Extended terrace with one open side to fully experience the surrounding nature.

Small kitchenette with everything that’s needed for drinks or a nice meal.

Ideal accommodation for romantic two-person get-away or solo retreat.

Diamond Suite 6 meter Diamond Suite 6 meter Diamond Suite 6 meter

Large kitchen with all necessary appliances.

Optional tilted windows or sliding doors in the bedroom.

Spacious living room with dining and relaxing options.

Diamond Suite 8 meter Diamond Suite 8 meter Diamond Suite 8 meter

Bunk bed with sliding door located next to the kitchen.

Loads of closet space built in next to the bed.

Bathroom and toilet can be combined or built into two seperate rooms.

Diamond Suite 9 meter Diamond Suite 9 meter Diamond Suite 9 meter

An added 1,2m rib creates a spacious master bedroom.

Built-in bunk beds create optimal use of space that can also be converted into a walk-in wardrobe.

Large floor to ceiling window for lots of natural light and outside views.

Diamond Suite 10 meter Diamond Suite 10 meter Diamond Suite 10 meter

Including a luxurious bathtub which is partly sunk into the floor.

Sliding doors leading to the bathroom.

Wooden terrace with space for a cozy seating area or decorations.

Diamond Suite 10 meter plus Diamond Suite 10 meter plus Diamond Suite 10 meter plus

Change interior color


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