A multifunctional space designed with a completely new scaling technique.

Evo Zome the evozome is made to stand out


Designed by a Serbian team of artists and architects, the Armadillo is made to stand out.

The nano glass panels give a futuristic look that feels like the future for Tiny Houses. This concept is available in two sizes, the small version of 20m2 the largest model of 33m2. Both variants are available with different color options and finishes, but only the largest model features a kitchen and elevated bedroom.

Evo Zome scale-like housing

Scale-like housing

The exterior of the Armadillo is made out of aluminum bond panels paired with nano glass panels.

Together they create a playful look from outside in, and inside out. The placement of the glass panels can vary according to how you want to use it. Offer your customers a skylight and garden view, while retaining the spacious feeling of living inside a dome!

Evo Zome from nature for nature

From nature, for nature

The Armadillo looks best in natural environments. Due to the extraordinary views these Tiny Houses offer, but also due to the use of materials.

As with all our products, we and our partners are always looking to choose the sustainable alternative. For the Evozome panels we almost exclusively use recyclable materials with a low ecological footprint. If there are any inquiries regarding our use of materials, feel free to contact us for a more detailed explanation.

All Armadillos, large and small, have an enclosed toilet.

The Armadillo 20 features glass panels in the tip of the roof, so stargazing!

This Tinyhouse can be decorated in many different ways thanks to its round shape.

Armadillo 20

The luxurious double bed is located above the fully equipped bathroom.

The Armadillo 33 offers space for a sofa or fold-out bed to make it suitable for 4 people.

In addition to the glass panels in the roof, this home also has a glass side wall.

Armadillo 30

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