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challenging the conventional

Challenging the conventional

A fresh breath of air for the housing market was long overdue.

Our story starts with the creation of the Diamond Suite as our answer to a monotonous offer of vacation homes. Now, a few years later the initial Diamond Suite design has been adapted, improved and built in many different variations. Since the Diamond Suite launched, we have been in contact with many creative minds and resourceful construction professionals. This broad and inclusive network enabled us to create New Concept Housing, a company that perfectly aligns with our vision on the current housing market. With a fresh view and an innovative approach we are able to offer concepts for permanent housing, student housing, holiday homes and many more.

connecting the dots

Connecting the dots

Our partners include a whole range of diverse and complementary businesses, each with their own important addition to our concepts

Before wooden planks and screws can turn into a home, there are many companies that need to add value to this process. We are the link between these businesses and our clients. We work together with architects, designers and technicians to create unique housing concepts that fit the needs of the clients’ envisioned target group. These concepts are hereafter brought to life by our construction partners, who are able to work both on-site and in our production facilities.

co creation as foundation

Co-creation as foundation

We are always looking for new and unique designs, or beautiful locations to bring these designs to life.

Whether you are looking for a company to help you realize your housing design, or you are in need of a company that will design a housing concept with you: you came to the right address. We like to present ourselves as a party with experience in project management from scratch to finish. During this process we always think from the customer's point of view, whether it is a holiday destination looking for innovation or a private person with a dream of owning a tiny house.